Where are they now: Nadine Angerer

As we begin Female Football Week celebrations, we caught caught up with Ballon d’Or winner and former Roar goalkeeper  Nadine Angerer to see what life beyond football holds for the German international.

Nadine played for the Roar Women during the 2013-14 Westfield W-League season and became the first Goalkeeper - male or female - to win World Player of the Year in January 2014.

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You've been retired for a few years now, what are you doing at the moment?

After I retired in 2015, I got an offer from the Portland Thorns to stay as the Goalkeeper Coach and it was what I always wanted to do after I finished playing. It worked out perfectly for me, I love my position and working with my keepers.

It sounds like there’s a great football culture in the US, especially for women’s football?

Especially for female football, it’s one of the best nations to be in at the moment – they’re first in the world rankings for a reason. If we’re talking about Australia, the development in Australia is amazing. I do follow the Westfield W-League and obviously Celeste Boureille and Hayley Raso play here in Portland. It’s great that Australians go abroad and learn a different style of football.

Was winning the Ballon d’Or in 2013 one of the proudest moments in your career?

Yes and no – it was definitely one of the most surprising moments in my career. I was on stage without a speech and everyone was staring at me – even Cristiano Ronaldo was staring at me. I didn’t even know what I was saying, it was just whatever popped up in my brain. I didn’t even know how much time I had to speak. Of course it was a great honour but it’s hard to give one player an achievement in a team sport. I am very proud of it but I know it’s always a team effort and I never could have done it without my team.I’m hearing about all that’s happening in Australia and I’m very proud to see it all.


How much did you know about the Westfield W-League before you came to Australia?

I didn’t know much about the league before playing in it. I played with Tameka Butt before coming to Brisbane and she told me a lot about it but I didn’t really know what to expect. To be honest, I underestimated the league in the first few games and I think it’s developed even more in the last couple of years, as has the national team. They’re my tip for the 2019 World Cup.

Are you proud of the steps forward that women’s sport is making across the world?

Absolutely. It’s amazing that it’s not only women’s football that is growing, but so many other sports. Female athletes are getting treated better, I think what the Matildas did a few years ago to improve their work conditions was great. When I started 20 years ago with the German national team, we had just one coach – not even a Goalkeeper Coach. Now, the national team have something like 20-25 staff members and everything is much more professional. This is what professional female athletes deserve

Did you keep an eye on Westfield W-League season 10?

One hundred percent! I think Mel [Andreatta] did a fantastic job this season, and in my eyes, Brisbane Roar were the most consistent team this season and they deserved to go all the way. In finals football, it’s always 50-50, but the Roar played phenomenal football all season.