Roar team up to keep cool with TechNiche

As a scorching Brisbane summer draws closer, Brisbane Roar will ensure they stay cool in the heat thanks to TechNicheANZ.

TechNicheANZ are the official distributors for Australia and New Zealand of TechNiche cooling and warming apparel. TechNicheANZ products have grown to become the largest & leading manufacturers of Cooling & Warming apparel in the world.

The organisation’s passion is to supply the most technologically-advanced clothing to ensure users, whether you work outside, compete as an athlete or simply use TechNicheANZ Products, maintain the right temperature to go about daily life without feeling the effects of extreme heat or cold.

With a typically hot and humid Queensland summer on the horizon, Brisbane Roar Captain Matt McKay says TechNicheANZ will help the players stay cool. 

“As a professional football player, here in sunny Queensland, I am no stranger to the heat, we play and train in 30-degree weather all throughout summer,” McKay said.


“We are very fortunate to be able to use TechNiche Hybrid Cooling vests as part of our recovery. It’s great to be able to finish training or a game and instantly cool off with a TechNicheANZ Cooling Vest.

“They are light weight, easy to wear, and have my body cooled down in less than two minutes.”

BRFC Head of High Performance Chris Mallac says ensuring the players stay cool in the heat is paramount to achieving peak performance.

“On hot gamedays, we do have ice vests that the boys will wear before the game and during half-time,” Mallac said.

“It’s all about managing their core body temperature and delaying any fatigue and what we do is very particular. “

Brisbane Roar supporters can claim an exclusive 10% discount off their entire order with TechNicheANZ using the code ROAR17.

To check out their wide range of products, head to